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Dolomythos | Dolomites Museum in San Candido

The Museum of the World Natural Heritage of the Dolomites

Explore the wonders of the Dolomites, presented by Michael Wachtler. His discovery of Megachirella Wachtleri (the ancestor of all snakes and lizards) attracted enormous attention. This sensational discovery formed the centrepiece for his new museum of the Dolomites, and helped persuade the UNESCO commission of the unique character of this area’s Natural Heritage. Go on a journey of discovery through the unique wonders of this landscape.

Opening hours

Open all year

from 8:00 am. – 7:00 pm. – seven days a week

Closed: November 1st and December 25th

Groups are advised to book in advance to avoid long queues.
Guided tours on request.

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Go on a journey of discovery through the unique wonders of this landscape. You’ll find lots more interesting information about the Dolomites in the Dolomythos Shop.

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