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Wachtler Store at San Candido: souvenirs and specialities

We’ll make your day special! Quality and friendliness

The Wachtler Store in San Candido is certainly one of the most attractive shops in the Dolomite region. Our focus is on good, locally-sourced food, and so you’ll find a range of choice specialities from San Candido, South Tyrol, and countries around the world. Delicious teas, luxury chocolates, and top quality jams, as well as fresh pastries, bakery products and other treats from around the region.

Start the day with a wholesome breakfast, drink excellent coffee and enjoy some delicious treats in our 200-year-old Stube. Or relax with tea and cake after a busy day’s shopping, and enjoy the traditional, rustic atmosphere. Wachtler in San Candido is well worth a visit!

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The little things in life make the greatest gifts!

You’re on holiday and you’re enjoying every moment. You’d like to stop time, and forget about all the stresses of work and everyday life. But your friends and relatives must be looking forward to seeing you again. Imagine the joy in their eyes when you present them with a little gift you bought on holiday! Maybe a little snow globe, some fragrant soap or cream, an attractive and useful key ring, or a soft toy for the little ones.

Or would you like to evoke the fresh tang of the forest, with our aromas of Swiss stone pine? Or why not remind yourself of your wonderful holiday in the Dolomites by wrapping yourself in a soft, warm blanket when you’re sitting at home during the cold winter months?

At Wachtler Souvenir everyone will find just the right reminder of San Candido to take home with them!

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The Wachtler shipping service

Perhaps you’re back home and have just realised how good that tablecloth you saw in our shop would look in your living room, that picture frame in your bedroom, or that vase on your bedside table?

Or would you like to give your family, friends or colleagues some of that tea you enjoyed, but then forgot to buy?
No problem! We’ll be happy to send your chosen items to your home.
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Magical Christmas moments

“Christmas in the Dolomites at San Candido” has been held since the winter of 2013 – 2014. It is considered one of the most attractive Christmas markets, because it focuses on tradition and natural products. This special atmosphere can only be found at the San Candido Christmas market.

Of course, as a shop selling souvenirs and speciality products we also take part in the market. In addition to small, finely crafted gift ideas for your friends and family and traditional Christmas tree decorations, you will also find local winter treats such as homemade cakes and biscuits, mulled wine, Apfelglühmix (mulled apple wine), and punch made to our own recipe.

But above all, you’re sure to be entranced by the magical atmosphere all around the town. Our stands are among all the soft lights and Christmas tunes, right next to Villa Wachtler, built in 1911. Be sure to visit us during Advent. We look forward to seeing you!

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HIGHLIGHT – exclusive to us: underground Christmas market in the Dolomythos

  • It’s pleasantly warm in this Christmas market. When it’s snowing and freezing outside, you can retreat into our museum for the charming Dolomythos Christmas market.
  • There’s a very special Christmas atmosphere inside the largest museum in the Dolomites. Listen to the festive music and enjoy the pretty twinkling lights.
    And at the same time, you can explore the history and traditions of the Dolomites, including some exciting discoveries.
  • The underground Christmas market is open from mid-November to early January, and entrance is free.